Our Programs

Services offered at Community Check Cashing

Check Cashing
We cash most types of checks: payroll, government and others at very low, competitive rates.
For example, we charge 1.25% check-cashing fees for $300-$1000. Low fees for checks of other amounts.

Consumer Loans
Longer term, lower interest loans with larger loan loan amounts.  Financial coaching is required.

Payroll Advance
A much more affordable, short term Pay Day Loan. Maximum of $7.50 per $100 borrowed for 2 weeks.

Money Transfer
Send and receive money within minutes through Western Union around the world.

Money Orders
Pay your bills or rent with Money Orders for .89 cents each.

Bill Pay (currently unavailable)
Pay utility, phone, cable, water and other bills quickly. 

Debit Cards (currently unavailable)
Put your cash on a pre-paid debit card.


Other Unique Services & Programs We Offer

Financial Coaching and Financial Literacy Training for Individuals
This service is designed to assist low income households increase their wealth building and money management capacity. The program responds to short term crises and creates longer-term, individualized financial plans for each participating household tailored to its needs; the service, which includes a nominal fee, also includes ongoing monitoring and follow-up. One time fee of $5-25 (sliding scale).

Financial Coaching with Organizations
We contract with organizations such as low income housing developments to offer monthly sessions about various financial topics and one-on-one coaching for interested individuals in the organizations.

Research and Policy Development
CDF is in a relatively unique position to learn and understand the needs of our customers.  As a result, we have developed some policy reports that will hopefully assist others in the field.

CDF has created partnerships with tech start-ups to advance various new approaches to financial services.

Debt Removal Loan
Pay Day Loans at a 12% APR tailored to the needs of each borrower and designed to help the borrower get out of the cycle of Pay Day Loans.

Small Business Assistance
Below-market rate bookkeeping, financial coaching to help develop proper methods of planning, creating systems, etc.

Social Services Assistance
Information and referrals for housing, immigration, food, legal and other forms of assistance.

Checking and Savings Accounts
Offered through CDF referrals to bank/credit union partners.

Consumer and Business Loans
Offered through CDF referrals to bank/credit union partners.